Record Deals

by Curren$y & Who's Sane

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Record Deals - Who's Sane

Verse 2

The quickest way to a mil probably, if u got a mean a flow
Leave your mark on the line and follow the jet stream till it snows

Things can only improve right?
Coming from nothing so multiple 0's look appealing
Better box up your deep meanings
If u have hopes of releasing
Things left unmentioned at time.

A gifted bastard quite disastrous with the rhyme
Sell your pitch to the niggas after the shine
I don't follow

They Swim in the river with the nows
Come out with tales hold no truth to their vows
Associating truth to my nouns
A Martian - cannot sign to your department
Still rapping out this booth in my apartment

Aint tryna pay you back. Get this shit my own
Sadystik Entertainment I'm a CEO

Some say I'm quite nice cuz I rarely say "no"...
Well it must correct if you say so, I guess the case's closed

For bankrolls,  invest in yourself hoe
Still looking for approval from a pimp...
Billboard status make Your pockets afford shrimps

But allows him to order the lobster
And gets more hoes under his roster

Was not motive to get every dollar?
Whips nd chains, nd get the crib in my moms name

Writing raps at 15 thinking a deal is the answer
But It's all an illusion like there's no cure for cancer...

Leaving no opportunities for my name  to get slandered
Stand my ground in this referlution - black panthers

Up against the suits of the industry
Whosane, forever real as the city

Choose martyrdom over false pity
And keep making music that reflects me

Produce my best work as an indie
A gift to my fans from me..
Carving my path as At-Talib
Overcoming this Jihad you see
And make my future shine bright  independently

Im wide awake

Clear my head of these Visions of myself at age 23
A puppet dancing on a string
letting these majors reap the profits that I bring in...

Cuz all I ever wanted was a record deal..


released January 20, 2011



all rights reserved


Who's Sane Montréal, Québec

I'm a Martian, heart similar to poison
know when to hit it, we aint dealin with abortion
Mobs got plenty the bomb squad they ready
My location is calm while you pay for Vietnam

I take aim like radical Islam
Killing wack rappers cuz you infidels did wrong
The booth is my zone, bout to setup pylons
But my fly cant be confined to one lane

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